Modem Statuses
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At initial installation, all SIM cards should be inserted inside USB modems. Afterward, they are inserted into the USB hub.

The modem probes the network and starts appearing on your Proxidize dashboard. The modem can go into different statuses to reflect its current state before it settles to a "Connected" state.

These statuses apply to both JL01 and MX2 modems. They are as follows:

  1. Connecting: the modem probes the network to obtain a connection from the cell tower.

  2. PIN Locked: the modem is PIN-locked, and the PIN should be disabled before inserting the SIM inside the modem. The PIN can be removed from the Proxidize dashboard if you have the Business plan.

  3. SIM Requires Activation: this status is restricted to SIM cards purchased from Proxidize. Each user should pay for his SIM card subscription to activate his SIM cards.

  4. No SIM Detected: the SIM card is not inserted correctly, or no SIM is found inside the modem.

  5. No Service: the modem does not have enough signal/coverage to connect to the network.

  6. No Internet/Data: The data plan is exhausted or inactive.

  7. Disconnected: the modem is disconnected from the network. The carrier does not respond to connection requests, or the modem is disconnected manually from the interface.

  8. Rotating: this status appears at rotation time. Be it manual/automatic or API rotation.

  9. Connected IPv4: the modem is connected and obtained an IPv4 IP address from the carrier.

  10. Connected IPv6: the modem is connected and obtained an IPv6 IP address from the carrier.

  11. Connected IPv4v6: the modem is connected and obtains IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from the carrier. (IPv6 addresses can be obtained only if the carrier supports them)

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