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Technical Support Policies

Learn about Proxidize's technical support policies.

Written by Abed
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Users will be eligible for different tiers of support based on the Proxidize plan used. The support tiers are listed below:

  1. Proxidize Essential and Free users (No Support):

    Users will have access to the Proxidize help center, which contains all articles explaining the process from unboxing the package till the proxies are up and running.

    The articles will also include troubleshooting the most common issues faced with hardware/software and proxies.

    Free & Essential users are not entitled to email/chat support.


  2. Proxidize Plus users (Standard Support):

    Users will be assisted through access to the help center and live chat and are eligible for email support at [email protected].

    The response time for Standard support is within 5 business days. Resolution time for any issue is within 10 business days, as Business users will have the highest priority for support.

  3. Proxidize Business users (Priority Support):

    Users will be supported through all support channels, including phone support and remote connections, to make sure all issues are resolved on the spot.
    The response time for Priority support is within 1 business day. The resolution time for any issue is within 5 business days.

    Priority support also includes dedicating a technical account manager for each user to facilitate the user experience and handle each request with the highest priority.

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