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Understanding Private vs. Public IP Addresses: When to Use Each
Understanding Private vs. Public IP Addresses: When to Use Each
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When attempting to establish a connection to the dashboard and proxies from within the same network as the server, it is obligatory to use the private IP address of the server.

If you are accessing the dashboard and proxies from a different network than the server, you need to use the public IP address of the router. In such cases, the router requires the configuration of port forwarding rules to enable access to the dashboard and proxies.

This step allows external connections to reach the server and ensures secure access to the necessary resources.

To easily find your public and private IP addresses, navigate to the "Device List" tab on the dashboard. You will find a convenient "Show Public IP" toggle in the top left corner. The dashboard will display the public IP address in dedicated columns next to each proxy by toggling this option.

Conversely, if you toggle it off, the dashboard will show you the private IP address associated with each proxy.

By following these guidelines, you can easily connect to the dashboard and proxies regardless of whether you are within the same network or accessing them remotely.

If you encounter any issues during the connection process, please don't hesitate to refer to our troubleshooting section or contact our support team over the live chat at for more help.

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