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How many modems does each host machine support?
How many modems does each host machine support?
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Each host device will be able to accommodate a different number of modems depending on the limit of USB endpoints for that device. The number of endpoints is dependent on the hardware limits of the USB controller component.

The number of supported modems per device is as follows:

Proxidize Hardware:

  1. Proxidize SX2 Server = 20 USB modems.

  2. Proxidize ALX-2.0 Microserver [Discontinued*] = 20 USB modems.

  3. Proxidize SX4 Server = 80 USB modems.

  4. Proxidize MLX Standard Server [Discontinued*]: 100 USB modems.

  5. Proxidize RSX1 Server = 200 modems.

BYO Hardware:

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 - Model B = 14 USB modems.

  2. Any regular low or high-end laptop = Up to 15-20 USB modems.

  3. A regular PC with a USB 3.2 10GB/s USB controller chip = 40 USB modems.

  4. A regular PC with USB PCI-E extension cards = 100+ USB modems (Depending on the USB endpoints architecture).

The items marked as discontinued are no longer available for purchase.

Proxidize users with discontinued items will continue to receive support for their devices.

The technical support team is available every day of the week over live chat:

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