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How to Rotate Proxies via a Browser URL?
How to Rotate Proxies via a Browser URL?
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You can use our API commands to create URLs to rotate either your dedicated proxies under the device list or the shared proxies that you have created; please refer to the below:

Dedicated Proxies (Device list):

To rotate a dedicated proxy, you can use the following API link:
http://localhost/api/change_ip?index=X&token="API token"

Please note the following:

index=X: Replace X with the index of the device (proxy) you want to rotate.
The index represents the specific proxy you wish to change.

token="API token": Insert your API token between the quotations. You can find the API token in the "API token" section under the dashboard settings tab.

localhost: Depending on where you are sending the request from, change "localhost" to the appropriate IP address of the server. If the request comes from outside the network, use the Public IP address of the router (you will need to have port-forwarding for port 80 setup on your router).
If the request originates from the same network, use the private IP address of the server. You can find both IPs on the device list page under "IPv4 proxies," based on whether the "show public IP" button is toggled on that page.

Shared Proxies:

For rotating shared proxies, follow this format:

Please make the following changes:

localhost: Replace "localhost" with the relevant IP address of the server.

proxy_port=X: Adjust the "X" to match the port number of the shared proxy you want to rotate.

proxy_pass=Y: Replace "Y" with the password assigned to the shared proxy you wish to rotate.

You can refer to the API documentation in the link below for further information:

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