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How Can I Create My Own Proxy With Proxidize?
How Can I Create My Own Proxy With Proxidize?
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Proxidize offers a unique opportunity to create your own mobile proxies using our comprehensive kits. Each kit includes a micro-server, a USB hub, and a minimum of 5 modems, which enables the creation of 5 dedicated proxies along with additional shared proxies.

With our software plans, you gain access to the Proxidize dashboard, providing you with complete control over the proxies' behavior.
From the dashboard, you can efficiently manage and customize the proxies to suit your specific needs and requirements. This level of flexibility empowers you to optimize proxy performance and enhance your browsing experience.

By leveraging Proxidize's mobile proxy kits and powerful software, you have the tools to build a reliable and efficient proxy network tailored to your preferences and applications. Experience the freedom and control that Proxidize offers, and take advantage of the benefits of managing your own mobile proxies.

To explore our software pricing options, please visit our pricing page:

For information on the pricing of our hardware kits, please visit:

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