DNS Leaks
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a DNS leak is a situation where your device unexpectedly exposes your online browsing activities by not using the intended private DNS service, potentially undermining your privacy and security efforts.

Users often provide us with this kind of pictures, suspecting a DNS leak on their activity, noting that this is not a DNS leak. The proxies use Google's Public DNS server, which will always be detected since you are not using a private DNS server.However, this is not something you need to worry about since billions of users and requests are using (Google's Public DNS server). The country flag in the picture refers to the country in which the Google DNS server is located, and this is due to the internal routing of the scattered DNS servers that Google possesses. Setting the wrong DNS could result in security risks and privacy concerns, exposing you to vulnerabilities if you connect to malicious DNS servers, directing your traffic to websites that could potentially hijack your information, or sabotaging your internet activities. Setting the wrong DNS could also result in internet and network access issues, which could result in you losing access to your proxies. You could use Google's DNS ( or Cloudflare's DNS (, or you could ask for your carrier's DNS and ensure it is reachable to your location. If you have set the DNS to anything other than the default settings set on our servers, and realize that the changes are not reflected or you've lost access to your proxies, please reach out to the Proxidize technical support through the Proxidize dashboard or using the live chat pop up on our website.https://proxidize.com/

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