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Moving your Proxidize kit from one country to another
Moving your Proxidize kit from one country to another
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Suppose you are planning to move the location of your Proxidize kit/hardware from one country to another. You will need to consider these things:

  1. US kits can only be hosted in North and South America (NSA) since NSA modems use different bands than those in any other country.

  2. The IP addresses of your local and external connections will be different since the kit will be connected to another internet connection.

  3. You must reconfigure port forwarding in your router because of point #2.

What you need to do:

  • Run the command shutdown -h 0 on the Proxidize server terminal. (Please get in touch with the support if you have no experience working with terminal/Linux commands)

  • Unplug all cables from the hosting machine and USB hub.

  • Move all hardware to the new location.

  • Connect everything as it was before.

  • Check your new local IP address.

  • Reconfigure port forwarding in your router.

  • Test the connection.

If you face any issues, please contact the technical support team over the live chat on the website:

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