System Information

Proxidize's System Information tab provides concise, organized details on hardware, software, and network, aiding users and support.

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Access the dashboard and navigate to the " System Information " tab:

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View network information related to the server and more, including:

  • The local IP address: An address assigned to the server within the local network.

  • MAC address: This unique identifier is assigned to the network interface controller.

  • Uptime: the duration of time that the server has been continuously operational and available for use.

  • Last updated: displays date information about the most recent updates made to the software

  • CPU temp: CPU temperature is essential for maintaining optimal performance and preventing overheating.

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Note: Your IP address may change dynamically, especially if your device moves between different networks or your network uses dynamic addressing, Where the MAC address is fixed at the hardware level.

View license key information:

This tab contains all the software license key information

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View Activity log

Recorded detailed information or entries that document events, activities, or interactions within the server:

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