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Change Log - NextGen v0.6.9.2 Published on: 20th of Oct, 2023
Change Log - NextGen v0.6.9.2 Published on: 20th of Oct, 2023

The article highlights the changes in NextGen v0.6.9.2 for Proxidize, aimed at improving user experience and resolving issues.

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In our continuous efforts to improve your experience on Proxidize, we are excited to announce the latest updates and changes in NextGen v0.6.9.2. These updates aim to enhance your experience and fix issues.

Summary of Changes


  1. Send USSD Commands to Modems: Now, you can send USSD commands to your modems directly, making it easier to check your data balance.

  2. Improved Device List Page: We've revamped the device list page to provide faster updates on your modem's new IP address after each rotation.

  3. Set Your Own Public IP: You now have the ability to set your own public IP. This feature is visually accessible on proxy lists and is available when you copy your proxy. This empowers you to have more control over your IP settings.

  4. Copy Rotation URL: We've made it simpler to copy the full rotation URL with the API token, ensuring an easier way to access the rotation URL.


We hope you find the latest changes and updates beneficial. As always, your feedback is valuable to us. If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements in future updates!

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