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Enabling/Disabling Dual-Stack
Enabling/Disabling Dual-Stack
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Proxidize MX2 modems support obtaining IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in parallel (dual-stack), ensuring compatibility with both versions of the IP protocol. Whereas the legacy Proxidize JL01 modems require manual configuration to support dual-stack. To check the status of dual-stack connectivity, you start by accessing the modems web interface; here's an article on how to do that: After accessing the modems web interface, here's how you check both the MX2's and JL01's dual-stack connectivity:


Start by turning off the modem by clicking on the blue connectivity tab that has the carrier of your SIM card on it

Toggle off the button next to the carrier that you have. In this instance, it is T-Mobile.

Go over to the settings tab, and then click on "Connection Mode," where you will be able to see this screen:

Change the "Connection Mode" to manual, and then change the "Connection IP Mode" to your liking. In this case, we have set it to IPv4v6.
Turn the modem back on using the same steps we mentioned to turn it off.


For the JL01 modems, you can go to the settings tab after accessing the modem's web interface.

After doing so, click on "Dial-Up" settings on the left of your screen, and then go over to "Profile Management", where you can see the modem's dual-stack connectivity. Toggle on "Manual" next to the mode button to add a new profile. Then, you can name the profile whatever you would like. In this case, we called it "IPv4v6" and typed in the APN it was set to before the changes. In this case, it was "Default," then click the IPv4v6 PDP type from the dropdown list. After you do it, please make sure you set this profile as the default one where the modem will reboot to acknowledge the changes made, and then the JL01 will be assigned an IPv4 and an IPv6. Note: Enabling dual-stack on your modems does not ensure that your SIM card will be given an IPv6 address since this is only possible if your mobile carrier supports IPv6. If you confirm that your carrier supports IPv6, but your SIM is not acquiring an IPv6 address, please reach out to our technical support team over the live chat on the website: and we'll be happy to help you confirm the issue and help to fix it.

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