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Troubleshooting SMS Issues with MX2 and JL01 modems
Troubleshooting SMS Issues with MX2 and JL01 modems
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A frequently overlooked aspect is ensuring the correct activation of your SIM card. Take a moment to verify that your SIM card has been properly activated and is fully operational. In this guide, we address challenges with sending or receiving SMS messages through Proxidize 4G modems. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve SMS-related concerns for a seamless communication experience.

Note for US customers: Verizon SIM cards are not compatible with Proxidize when it comes to sending or receiving SMS.

Step 1: Verify SMS Compatibility

Before delving into the troubleshooting process, it's crucial to confirm whether your SIM card supports SMS messaging. It's worth noting that not all SIM cards are created equal, and some may lack the necessary capabilities for sending and receiving text messages. To address this, we recommend contacting your carrier to ensure that your SIM card is indeed SMS-compatible.

Step 2: Ensure SIM Card Activation

Step 3: Monitor SMS Message Count

The message count stored within your modem does affect the SMS sending and receiving operations. Exceeding the message limit can lead to SMS blockages, causing hindrances in both sending and receiving messages. To address this, let's explore how to assess and manage your message count:

1. Access the Modem Interface:

  • Locally connect to the modem using a web browser or a proxy tool.

  • Enter the modem's local IP address in the address bar:

  • For JL01 modems, navigate to:

  • For MX2 modems, navigate to:

  • If prompted, enter the appropriate login credentials to access the modem's settings which are set to "admin" by default.

2. Review Received Messages:Proceed to the SMS panel within the modem's web interface. The quantity of messages received by the modem plays a pivotal role in influencing the sending and receiving of SMS. Surpassing the threshold of 100 messages can potentially trigger SMS blockage, impeding both the transmission and reception processes.

Step 4: Verify APN Settings

An accurate configuration of the Access Point Name (APN) settings is essential for facilitating SMS functionality. Here's a method to verify and modify your APN settings as required:

1. Access the Modem Interface:Take heed to disconnect the modem before initiating any adjustments through its web interface. Locate the toggle within the interface and ensure it's switched off. Connect to the modem's web interface as mentioned above in the "Monitor SMS Message Count".

2. Locate APN Settings:Navigate to the "Profile Management" section on the modem interface. For JL01 modems, identify the "Connection Profile" option. MX2 modems allow direct access to the APN settings.

3. Confirm APN Settings:Compare the existing APN settings on your modem with the official APN information provided by your carrier. This information can typically be found on your carrier's official website or by reaching out to their dedicated customer support.

4. Update APN Settings (if necessary):
Should discrepancies arise between your modem's APN settings and your carrier's recommended APN, proceed to update the settings accordingly. Remember, prior to making changes, ensure that the modem is disconnected from the toggle in the interface. After updating, reconnect the modem.

Step 5: Test SIM Card in a Phone

For further diagnostic insight, insert your SIM card into a phone and attempt to send and receive SMS messages. If the SIM card functions seamlessly within the phone, this indicates that the issue is likely confined to the modem's settings.

Step 6: Contact Proxidize Support

If you've diligently followed the above steps and continue to experience SMS-related problems, don't hesitate to contact Proxidize's dedicated support team. Our experts are available to provide you with personalized assistance and guide you through any remaining challenges.

At Proxidize, we're committed to ensuring your seamless communication experience through our advanced 4G modems. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can quickly identify and resolve SMS issues with your MX2 or JL01 modem.

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