Proxy Indexing
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Using the Proxidize dashboard, you will have 2 options on how to set the indexing of the proxies, which are:

- Insertion Order Lock: This will set the indexing of the proxies based on the sequence they were inserted into the USB hub.

- Physical Lock: This will set the indexing based on the physical port the modem is connected to. Please note that this option is only available for the hardware purchased through Proxidize.

You can change the indexing type on your Proxidize dashboard using these steps:

Head over to the settings tab, which can be found on the left toolbar on the Proxidize dashboard:

Under the "Proxy" section, you will be able to see the option to set the indexing type based on your convenience.

In the event of any disruptions or failures, you may opt to reset the indexing of the proxies using the "Reset button" next to the "Proxy Indexing" option under the "Proxy" section.

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