Legacy Proxidize Essential
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Proxidize Essential is a legacy plan used for personal use cases only. The plan is discontinued and is no longer available for purchase on the Proxidize website.

Proxidize Essential serves the needs of solo traders and users who need proxies in their day-to-day tasks with minimal features, as listed below.


Proxidize Essential

Use Case

Personal Use Case Only


No Support

Proxy Type


Proxy Authentication

Username & Password

Index Locking

Insertion Lock/Physical Lock*

Manual IP Rotation/Change IP

Rotate All IPs Only

Automatic IP Rotation/Change IP

1 Rotation Interval for All Proxies


Read Only

API Access

Proxies Info / Rotate All Modems

Set Custom DNS


USB Port Map


Change "Copy Proxy" Format


Keep IP Alive

Proxy Logs

Reboot Modem From Dashboard

API Rotation via a Direct URL

Shared Proxies

Bypass Port Sharing

Proxy Pools

Randomized Automatic Rotation

SIM PIN Control

Smart Power Control

Manually Add Phone Numbers

Custom Proxy Nickname

Add SIM Phone Number

SIM Card Information

Enable/Disable Proxy Logs

SMS Webhooks

Dashboard Critical Mode

Passive OS Spoofing

Change MTU & TTL

Response SLA

*Physical Lock is only restricted to Proxidize hardware.

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