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Changing Installed License Key Guide
Changing Installed License Key Guide
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This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the installed license key for the system. Follow the outlined steps to ensure a smooth transition to a new license key.

  1. Accessing the Dashboard:
    Navigate to the dashboard interface.

  2. Navigate to Settings:

    Click on the "Settings" tab.

  3. Server Section:

    Scroll down to locate the "Server" section.

  4. License Key Option:

    Within the server section, find the "Change License Key" option.

  5. Initiate Change:

    Click on "Change License Key" to proceed.

  6. Change License Key Page:

    You will be directed to a page where you can enter the new license key.

  7. Enter New License Key:

    In the provided field, type your new license key accurately.

  8. Apply Changes:

    After entering the new key, click on the "Change License Key" button to apply the changes.

  9. Confirmation:

    You should receive a confirmation message indicating the successful change of the license key.

  10. Verify New Key:

    Double-check the System Information tab to ensure that the system is now using the updated license key.

Note: Ensure that the new license key is valid and authorized for use. Changing the license key may require a system restart or additional verification steps, depending on the software or system in use. Always follow any specific instructions provided by the licensing system to ensure proper implementation.

If you face any issues with changing your license key, please contact our support team via the live chat on the website

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