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Enable/Disable “root” User for SSH
Enable/Disable “root” User for SSH
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SSH is short for Secure Shell, which is a network protocol allowing administrators to access the terminal of their servers securely.

SSH is restricted to Proxidize technical support team. Any changes done on the terminal might disrupt the functionality of your server and void your warranty.

If you see the below message on your dashboard, this is not an error but a warning.

The user root on the terminal is the super user with all privileges granted. So, you will get the message that this user is enabled.

If you forward port 22 in your router, we recommend you disable the root user for security reasons. And it is essential that you set a strong password for this user at all times.


To disable the root user, open your Proxidzie dashboard > Settings > scroll to the "Server" section > Disable Root:


Once the root user is disabled from the dashboard, it will be deleted and not usable by any user or the technical support team.

The support/engineering team can access the terminal via the user proxidize or via a remote support session.

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