Dashboard Credentials
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The Proxidize dashboard is accessible by default using the credentials:

Username: admin

Password: admin

After installation, these credentials are assigned to the dashboard and can be changed anytime.

To change the credentials of your dashboard, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Proxidize dashboard.

  2. Go to the Settings tab, and scroll down to the "Dashboard" section.

  3. Click the "Change" button next to "Dashboard Login."

The username of the dashboard will always be "admin"; the password can be set as anything you want.


If you are forwarding your dashboard for public access, you must change the dashboard password so your dashboard is not vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

If you're locked out from your dashboard, there is no way to reset credentials from the dashboard. Please contact the technical support team to reset your credentials and gain access to your dashboard.

The technical support team is available every day of the week over the live chat: https://proxidize.com.

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