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Index Locking

Insertion Lock/Physical Lock*

Insertion Lock/Physical Lock*

*Physical Lock is only restricted to Proxidize hardware.

Index Locking is a mechanism to order how your devices appear on your Proxidize web interface.

Plugging your USB modems into your hub will automatically start listing them in the order you plug them, regardless of the physical hub port. This mechanism is called Insertion Lock.

This mechanism is prone to index mix-ups due to how the USB IDs are interconnected to the modem index. Changing the physical location of the modems might disrupt the order.

When Insertion Lock is implemented, reset indexing will help order your modems from index 1-X, but that would not mean that this is the actual location of the modem on the USB hub.

Physical Lock is a Proxidize-locked mechanism that only works with Proxidize hardware.

This mechanism locks the modem index to the actual physical hub port. For example, if you plug the first modem into hub port 5, the first index to appear on the dashboard is 5.

When Physical Lock is chosen, the functionality of "Reset Index" is restricted since it would not affect/change the physical location of the hub port.


If you are using all Proxidize components and modem/phone indexing is not sorted or set to the correct index locking mechanism, please get in touch with our technical support team over the live chat to troubleshoot the issue further:

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