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Proxy Authentication

Username & Password/IP Authentication

Username & Password/IP Authentication

This article explains how each Proxidize proxy can be authenticated. This process takes place to allow/reject the connection to your proxies. Authentication happens for every new connection.
By default, username & password authentication is the selected method unless you configure otherwise. The ways that you can configure your dashboard are as follows:

  1. User & Password Authentication: Your proxies are equipped with a randomly set username and password after the initial installation of Proxidize. These are used for all dedicated proxies and can be changed from your Proxidize dashboard.


    If you have Proxidize Business or Enterprise, you can benefit from the "Shared Proxies" feature, where you can set a unique username and password for each shared proxy.

  2. IP Authentication: Each proxy is authenticated only if the request comes in from an allowed IP(s) subnet that you can set/edit from your Proxidize dashboard.


    You can allow host IPs or subnets by adding the subnet CIDR at the end of the IP address; i,e.


If you have any authentication issues, please contact our technical support team over the live chat to troubleshoot the issue further:

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