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USB Port Map



The USB Port Map will help identify any modem from the hub's dashboard for troubleshooting purposes.
If you use Proxidize hardware, you can set the modems to the physical placement indexing by going to settings > Index Locking Type > change > physical slot lock.


If you have the SX2, the setup will be plug-and-play. The Proxidize SX4 and RSX1 servers will follow the below mapping. But if you have the MLX standard server (discontinued), we must construct the port map manually.



Proxidize SX4

SX4-Port mapping-0١ (1)

Proxidize RSX1

RSX1map (3) (1)

Please note that the hubs will appear unsupported If you use your own server or hub.

*The MLX standard server has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

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