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Sending/Receiving & Deleting SMS through your Proxidize platform
Sending/Receiving & Deleting SMS through your Proxidize platform
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Proxidize Business

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Send/Receive & Delete

Send/Receive & Delete

The SMS feature is available when using USB modems/Android phones. With your Proxidize plan, you can read all your SMS with just a few clicks and on a single page.

All you need to do is choose the modem/phone index to check the messages and click "Fetch Messages." The messages will appear below, marked with an ID and the date of receiving the message.

Whenever you are in the reading pane of modem index X, you can click on "Fetch new messages" to keep refreshing and fetching new messages received.

You can also delete specific messages with the "Delete SMS" button and delete all SMS with the "Delete All SMS" button.

You can still delete SMS from your modems by connecting to the web interface of each modem and manually deleting each SMS from there.



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