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SMS Webhooks



Webhooks are basically triggers sent programmatically from one system to another when a specific action occurs.

SMS webhooks allow sending API calls between the Proxidize system and another system enabled from the Proxidize dashboard.

This first should be allowed from the Proxidize dashboard to work with SMS webhooks. This can be done from the Settings tab > Dashboard > SMS Webhooks > Enable


Once webhooks are enabled, the webhooks panel will appear on the tab list found on the left of your dashboard:

Under this tab, you can perform the below actions:

  1. Add new webhooks

  2. Delete all/specific webhooks.

  3. Check the status of webhooks.

  4. Edit webhooks

Adding new webhooks:

  1. Click on "Add a new webhook."

  2. Fill in the parameters for the new webhook.

    1. Webhook modems: You can select single or multiple modems

    2. Webhook link: The webhook URL

    3. Webhook Notes: An identifier to mark and track the webhook

Deleting all/specific webhooks

All webhooks can be deleted at once using the "Delete all webhooks" button, or delete specific webhooks using the "Delete Webhook" button on each webhook's row.

Checking the status of the webhook

The status of the webhook can be checked from your "Settings" tab or the "SMS Webhook" panel.

Edit Webhooks

Webhooks can be edited from the "SMS Webhook" panel by clicking on each parameter configured for the webhook.

Example of a webhook response:{"to_number": "18298765532", "from_number": "61551", "to_modem_index": 6, "content": "Test webhook message", "timestamp
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