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Here's how to allow easy reach for actions performed to the modem which covers USSD capability, Reset data usage, and Reboot for the selected modem.

1- Dashboard Access

Navigate the the "Device List" on the dashboard

Click on the desired modem to perform actions

The following features, including "modem actions" will appear:

Expand the " Modem Actions" option to view the features in regards to the specified modem:


It allows you to interact with services and retrieve information by sending short codes from their mobile devices. USSD sessions are typically initiated by dialing a code starting with * and ending with #.
You can utilize this feature and select the desired modem to which this feature should be applied:

3- Reset Data Usage

Data usage, which is displayed for each modem on the dashboard in your device list tab.

Data usage can be reset by utilizing the "Reset Data Usage" option. You will be asked to confirm before proceeding with resetting the data usage


Other than a physical reboot, the user has the option to reboot the modem from the dashboard directly by using the "Reboot" feature under the "Modem Actions"

If you have any issues with this feature, you must contact the support team via the live chat on the website and give them the details of how you're testing this feature.

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