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This article Summarizes the features of changing the IP on each modem and its different methods that covers: Change IP interval, change IP and Copy rotation URL.

1- Access the dashboard

Navigate to the "device list" tab on the dashboard:

Click on any of the modems showing up on the dashboard that you wish to perform Changing IP actions:

The tab will expand, showing the Modem options, including:

Expand the "Change IP Actions"

2- Change IP interval

This option allows you to set the interval along with the modem index.

The interval can be set to minutes, hours, and days.

3-Change IP

This button allows you to change the IP of the individual modem selected.

Once selected, the modem's status shows up on the dashboard as "rotating" and takes 1 minute to reflect on the dashboard and display the new IP of the proxy, which would be fetched from the SIM card carrier's nearest cell tower to the hosted kit location.

4-Copy Rotation URL

For API usage, this allows the rotation URL per modem to be copied and utilized as an API command to perform the rotation on that modem, it will include the API rotation Token and the modem index. Please note if the "Show Public IP" option is toggled on in the dashboard device list tab is enabled, the API URL will be using the public IP address of the router, this will not work if port-forwarding is not configured, toggle it off to run the API using the local IP address of the server.

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