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The article specifies how you can view your Public IP/Private IP through the dashboard and when to use either Start with Dashboard Access

  • navigate to the dashboard's Device List tab

Toggle the " Show Public IP " so that it is displayed as below

3- Click on any modem displayed on the Device List

4- You will find the Public IPV4 / IPV6 listed

Alternatively, The server's private IP can also be found by navigating to "System Information" tab on the dashboard

The Device's private IP can be found on the upper left side of this page

When to use?

Public IP: is used when the user is accessing the dashboard/proxies from an external network, in other words, when the user is accessing them from a network that is not the same as the network where the server is hosted.

Note: This will only be accessible if the ports are forwarded.

For external dashboard access, port 80 needs to be forwarded from the router's interface or by contacting your ISP.

Proxies access: Depending on whether you are accessing using HTTP/SOCKS.
Ports that need to be forwarded:

For HTTP IPV4 ports 2001-200x
For HTTP IPV6 ports 4001-400X
for SOCKS IPV4 ports 3001-300x
For SOCKS IPV6 ports 5001-500x

Private IP: This IP is used when the user is accessing the dashboard/proxies from the local network, which means they are on the same network as the hosted server.

If you face any issues viewing the public IP, please contact our support team via the live chat on the website

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