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This document explains the various filters available for the table within the device list tab, accessible through the "Columns" option. These filters allow you to customize the information displayed in the table for better visibility and control.

  1. Toggle All:

    Selecting this option will display all the fields mentioned below simultaneously.

  2. Model:

    Displays the model of each modem connected to the hub.

  3. IMEI:

    Displays the IMEI of each modem.

  4. Nickname:

    Allows you to set a custom nickname for each modem.

    Click "None" to enter a custom name for the proxy.

  5. Public IPv4:

    Displays the current public IPv4 address fetched by each SIM from the carrier.

  6. Public IPv6:

    Displays the current public IPv6 address fetched by each SIM from the carrier.

    Note: To fetch an IPv6 address, "Dual-stack" must be enabled on the modem (enabled by default on the MX2 modem), and the carrier must support IPv6 connectivity.

  7. Previous IP:

    Displays the last public IP provisioned to the SIM from the carrier.

  8. IPv4 Proxies:

    Displays information to connect to IPv4 proxies over SOCKS or HTTP.

  9. IPv6 Proxies:

    Displays information to connect to IPv6 proxies over SOCKS or HTTP.

  10. Carrier:

    Displays the carrier associated with each modem on the table.

  11. PDP (Packet Data Protocol):

    Indicates the network mode to which the modem is currently connected (IPv4 or IPv4v6 if the modem fetches both addresses simultaneously).

  12. Phone Number:

    Displays the phone number associated with the SIM.

    Note: In some cases, the number may not be reported from the cell tower, appearing as null. You can manually add the number by clicking on the field and entering it.

  13. Mode:

    Shows the current mode to which the modem is connected, displaying as "WCDMA" for 3G or "LTE" for 4G connections.

  14. Signal Strength:

    Displays the current signal strength based on reception in the area.

  15. Status:

    Indicates the current status of the modem, which can be one of the following:

    Connected IPv4
    Connected IPv4v6
    No Internet/Data
    No Service
    PIN Locked

  16. Physical Status:

    Shows the current physical status of the modem.

    Will display "Unreachable" if the watchdog table is locked, and the modem is disconnected.

  17. Online For:

    Displays the uptime of the modem. Note that uptime may vary between modems if the server reboots them due to disconnections.

  18. Data Usage:

    Indicates how much data has been consumed from the carrier plan.

  19. IP Change Interval:

    Displays the interval at which the SIM is set to change its IP address.

  20. Options:

    When enabled, this displays the "Change IP" button, allowing you to rotate each modem's IP address.

These column filters empower users to tailor the displayed information in the table to their specific needs, improving efficiency and control in managing modems.

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