Proxidize Watchdog
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This feature has been implemented to streamline the process of managing modems in a "No Internet/Data" or "Disconnected" state within the software. This documentation provides a comprehensive overview of how this automation feature functions.

  1. Enabling Watchdog and Locking Modem Table:

    To initiate the automation, start by clicking the lock icon on the device list page.


    When the Watchdog feature is disabled, the lock icon will be displayed as unlocked (as depicted in the image below).


    Once the Watchdog has been enabled, the icon will transform, representing a locked state.

  2. Maintaining Modem Count:

    When the modem table is locked, the number of modems displayed on the device list will remain constant, matching the count when locking.

    If any modem is physically unplugged during this period, it will be marked as "Unreachable" on the dashboard.

    Furthermore, adding new modems will not immediately reflect on the dashboard. If you need to add more modems, follow these steps:
    a. Unlock the table.
    b. Add the desired modems.
    c. Lock the table again to maintain consistency.

  3. Soft Reset Attempt:

    When the table is locked, the software will proactively attempt a soft reset on any disconnected modems.

    This effort aims to automatically reconnect the modems without requiring physical intervention.

This feature empowers users to automate the handling of modems in "No Internet/Data" or "Disconnected" states, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience.

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