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Manual IP Rotation

Rotate All/Specific IPs

Rotate All/Specific IPs

Rotation Interval (Automatic Rotation)

The interval for All Or/and Single Proxy

The interval for All Or/and Single Proxy

IP Rotation/Change IP is a technology used to request a new IP from your mobile carrier. This feature works on both USB modems and Android phones.

Under the hood, the underlying technology is complex but works with a simple click on your dashboard. The modem/phone disconnects from the cell tower and reconnects to get a new IP.

Manual Rotation

The user can manually rotate all modems/phones by clicking the "Rotate All" or specific modems using the "Change IP" button next to each modem/phone.

Automatic Rotation

Automatic rotation is enabled by setting rotation intervals to specific/all modems/phones.

For example, if you set the rotation interval to 10 minutes for all modems/phones, the rotation will trigger automatically once the set interval has passed.

In both rotation methods, the modem/phone will change to a "Rotating" status in the dashboard and obtain a new IP address within 4-7 seconds. However, the new IP will always be reflected in the dashboard after 1 minute - since the dashboard is set to refresh every 1 minute.

If you face any issues with modems stuck at "rotating" or modems/phones not getting new IP addresses after manual/automatic IP rotation, please contact our technical support team over the live chat to troubleshoot the issue: https://proxidize.com.

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