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Remove PIN Lock on a MX2 Modem
Remove PIN Lock on a MX2 Modem
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Whenever you purchase a SIM card from any carrier in your country, the SIM comes with a PIN lock, which should be disabled and removed from the SIM before inserting it inside a Proxidize MX2 modem.

If you have Proxidize Business, you can do this directly from the Proxidize dashboard.

Removing the PIN from the dashboard will both disable and remove the PIN.

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If you have any legacy plans, you must insert the SIM inside a phone or connect to the modem's web interface and remove the PIN lock. This document will show a step-by-step process for removing the PIN lock of a SIM card inside a Proxidize MX2 modem.

  1. Refer to the article to access your modem's web interface.

  2. Once on the modem web interface, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code. Please enter it for the modem to connect.

  3. After the modem connects, you will need to disconnect it by toggling the connection off from the main (blue) tab.

  4. Move to the Settings (green) tab and navigate to PIN Code Settings

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  5. Enable Auto-Validation, insert the PIN code, and hit Apply

    iScreen Shoter - Google Chrome - 231220184042
  6. Scroll a bit up on the same tab, select "Disable", and enter the PIN code

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  7. Toggle the connection back on from the main tab (blue)

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If you wrongly enter the PIN code 3 times, the PIN lock will turn into PUK locked. This PUK code is usually found on the SIM card or can be provided by your carrier.

If you do not know your PIN/PUK codes, you must contact your carrier to ensure the SIM is not PUK-locked.

Failing to do so with multiple wrong attempts might disable the SIM card. Hence, please get in touch with the carrier to be 100% sure about the codes.

If none of the above works or you need more technical experience to go through these steps, don't hesitate to contact our technical support team to guide you or help solve the issue if it falls under our support scope.

The support team is available via the live chat on the website or within your Proxidize dashboard if you complete the installation.

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