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Proxidize announcements, FAQ, and supported carriers list

Why does the SX2 server fail to connect to the internet after unboxing?Resolve internet connection issues with SX2 servers post-unboxing.
What factors influence the speed and performance of the proxies?Discover factors influencing proxy speed for optimal performance.
Understanding Private vs. Public IP Addresses: When to Use EachLearn when to use private or public IP addresses for connecting to your dashboard and proxies.
What are the steps to open MX2 modems and insert SIM cards?Learn how to open MX2 modems and insert SIM cards with our step-by-step guide.
Can I use multi-SIM or dual-SIM phones to get 2 proxies with Proxidize?Learn whether a dual-SIM phone can generate two proxies.
How Many Modems Does Each Host Machine Support?Learn about the maximum number of modems both Proxidize & BYO hardware can support, based on their USB endpoint limits and capabilities.
Can I use Proxidize from any country?Learn what countries you can use Proxidize from.
Understanding IPv4/IPv6 proxiesLearn about Proxidize's port and range assignments for IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, ensuring compatibility with both IP protocols.
How Can I Create My Own Proxy With Proxidize?Learn how to create and manage your own mobile proxies with Proxidize kits and intuitive dashboard.
Would my IP change if my Proxidize kit is hosted in State X and I drive to State Y while connecting to the proxy?
Why do I need to connect my setup to a router?Learn why you need to connect your Proxidize kit to your router,
How many proxies can I create from a USB modem?Learn what a USB modem has to offer.
How to test/connect to proxies internally and externally?Learn how to test and connect your proxies internally and externally.
Is it possible to use SIM cards from X country if the hardware is hosted in Y country?Learn if it's possible to utilize SIM cards from X country when hosting your hardware in Y county.