Understanding IPv4/IPv6 proxies

In Proxidize, we use different ports and ranges for IPv4 and IPv6. The following ranges are assigned:

  • 2001 to 2999: HTTP IPv4 proxies
  • 3001 to 3999: SOCKS IPv4 proxies
  • 5001 to 5999: HTTP IPv6 proxies
  • 6001 to 6999: SOCKS IPv6 proxies

Proxidize MX2 modems support obtaining IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in parallel (dual-stack), ensuring compatibility with both versions of the IP protocol. Whereas the legacy Proxidize JL01 modems require manual configuration to support dual-stack.


It is vital to understand that a SIM card can only obtain IPv6 addresses if the mobile carrier/data plan supports it.