What is the reason behind modems showing "No internet/data" despite having sufficient data balance after a top-up?

This only affects Proxidize MX2 modems, which may show "No internet/data" despite being topped up because they require hotspot plans to function correctly.


More than simply topping up with data may be required for modems to access the internet. It is crucial to ensure that the modems are equipped with hotspot plans designed for their usage and topped up accordingly.

A dedicated hotspot plan becomes essential when using a SIM card in a 4G dongle (modem).

A hotspot plan provides the configuration and permissions to enable the modem to connect and access the internet through the cellular network. Without a proper hotspot plan, the modem might be unable to establish the required connection-sharing functionality, resulting in the "No internet/data" message.

To ensure seamless internet connectivity and avoid potential issues with the modem, users should always verify that their SIM card is associated with a suitable hotspot plan that supports modem usage.

This way, the modem will operate correctly, and users can enjoy uninterrupted internet access on their connected devices.


If the MX2 modem is still showing as No internet/data even after acquiring a suitable hotspot plan, please get in touch with our technical support team over the live chat at https://proxidize.com to identify the root cause and fix the issue.